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Holy shit.
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What are men supposed to do? Shut off the part of them that makes them human? She knows what she’s doing wearing what she’s wearing by posing like that. She knows the cause and effect with those sultry looks she’s showing. She’s sexually objectifying herself and she’s doing it on purpose so we’ll look. She’s fishing. However men are shammed when they take this bait. We’re pigs for checking her out. It could be an 18 year old or a 21 year old, 25 year old, 35 year old, etc dressed while posing like this.That’s sexism against men because you want us to repress our sexuality while teasing us in the process. 

Today’s repugnant opinion of the day is brought to you by professional whiner and potential rapist “conservativeatheist”.

"You’re making me feel bad for not seeing a 16 yr old girl as a human… Sexism against men!!!" - anti-fem logic

"All men objectify women and are physically incapable of respecting women who don’t obey the modesty police. It’s what makes them human."
- conservativeatheist

"Men can’t tell the difference between a child performing sexuality (i.e., trying to look "like a grown up"/"more adult") and actual adult women performing sexuality. Asking men to please not objectify children is sexism against men, because children are more responsible for adult men’s sexuality than actual adult men are."

Expecting men to be able to control themselves and not be pedophiles is sexism against men. #misandry 
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The Chairman was described as power hungry, but taking over a tiny planet….no thats not quite fitting. So heres the question: Why does Chairman want Chorus?
The answer: ALIEN STUFF

From the very beginning its been clear the Chairman collects and stores and studies alien artifacts.

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Kindness always overcomes antagonism… Instead of confronting our children we need to remember to communicate with them, understanding the challenges they face and empathising
Communication is the fundemental building block of a good relationship and after all what more could we want for our children. Establishing a framework where they feel empowered and understand the boundaries of their actions drives their ability to make the right choices in life
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I just

#it was super appropriate that church read it#and also a tad unnerving
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Look at this dweeb
Look at how grumpy he is
Look at how he’s pouting over them taking the Grifshot


What a nERD, I love Dexter Grif„„„

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